How to make money renting out your gear on FriendWithA

Check out how to make money renting out your gear on FriendWithA today and you could be making extra cash in no time...

How to make money renting out your gear on FriendWithA
June 7, 2019



How to make money renting out your gear on FriendWithA

Whether your 9 to 5 isn’t giving you the disposable income you want or you just don’t have the time to make the most out of the gear you have, FriendWithA could be the answer. It’s a fast, simple and reliable way to rent out your gear on a friendly peer to peer lending site with a genuine community feel. Read on to find out all the details...


What kind of gear?

We’ve all got more gear than we have time to use at home. Maybe you’ve got a kitted out mountain bike, an SLR digital camera to rent out or some industrial tools. You might even have a drone to rent out or a boat docked and ready to ride. Check out the site for more inspiration, to see what other lenders are putting online.


On FriendWithA there are ever expanding categories of items to upload.


Many of the main categories have drop down subcategories to that you can place your products just in the right place.



If you have an item that isn’t listed on the site it’s not a problem. You can request a new category, then FriendWithA can add it - simple!



I’m a business can I rent my gear out too?
The answer to that is yes! There are special features like building a public profile which links back to your website for businesses too. We welcome businesses and individuals to list their gear on FriendWithA. To find out more, visit the providers page.    


Do I need to pay to list my gear?

Nope! It’s totally free to list your items on FriendWithA.


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What kind of money could I earn?

Now for the really cool bit. Of course, the more items you list, the more money you are likely to earn. In fact, you could earn up to $1,000 per month by renting your stuff, which is awesome extra income you can use in awesome ways. Think about that for a second…


Is there property insurance for my stuff?

Yes. We have a Lender Damage Guarantee program that provides coverage for up to $3,000 per occurrence, in the event that a borrower damages your gear. In addition to that, the insurance includes a $100,000 liability guarantee. It’s totally optional though, not compulsory.


If you do decide to go with it, you’ll pay the extra insurance fee and secure your items. In the unlikely event that something does happen to your stuff, we’ll do our best to either get your gear working again, or fully reimburse you for the damages within 24 hours after you make the claim.


What are the insurance rates?

Our insurance rates depend on the item value. To see how much exactly we would charge to insure a specific item, use our fee calculator. (Or just start listing an item and you we'll show you the fees in the process.) Unfortunately, you can’t make claims outside of the USA.


And there you have it, peace of mind for your gear!

That sounds good. So how does the program work?

When listing an item, just fill out a few details about your gear (price, years old, and condition). After that we will determine the insurance pricing and insure your gear instantly - easy!

How do I claim a reimbursement?

If someone does damage your gear, our customer service is available 24/7. We want to reimburse you for any claims as quickly as possible. A FriendWithA support team member will administer and resolve the claim, up to $3,000 USD. Check out more details here.




Can I trust people on FriendWithA?

We verify the ID of every user who joins the website and perform a background check on them to ensure only trustworthy people are seeing your items. We’ve also employed a reputation system based on reviews and ratings encouraging both parties to a rental to behave responsibly, respect the terms and take good care of the items rented. We’re a friendly bunch!



It’s quite possibly the fastest and easiest money you’ve ever made

FriendWithA is made to be simple and easy. Signup takes just a few minutes and list your item with 3 easy steps. Confirm the rental with a single click and you could earn a few hundred dollars in a matter of minutes! You might want to check out our three step guide to taking great photos for your product listings to help with snapping your gear too. If you have any difficulty whatsoever with creating listings for your things, just drop us a line!



All in all…

Renting out your gear on FriendWithA is a simple and painless procedure that could bring in some much needed extra income for you. We’ve got your gear covered with property insurance and make sure you can trust lenders and renters with ID verification and background checks. FriendWithA is already establishing a growing community of users day by day, so why not dream big by doing just a little and start listing your items today!


Do you have items listed on FriendWithA? Do you have any tips on what gear to list? Would you recommend the FriendWithA experience?

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