Sharing in Neighborhoods

Sharing in Neighborhoods
Oct. 6, 2018

Home sweet home. I bet you've said that before. What makes your home so enjoyable? Well many things make you smile every time you get home. And definitely one of those things is your neighborhood and your neighbors. It's always good to get home and see a bunch of smiling and familiar faces. Neighbors sometimes can turn into more than just a neighbor, and become a life long friendship.

One of the great things about having a close group of neighbors is being able to share things between neighbors. Some neighborhoods form nice little co-op's and share everything between neighbors. Friend With A was born off the concept that every neighbor doesn't need to own a lawnmower. We've seen neighborhoods where 7 neighbors all shared one riding lawnmower. We want to make it easy enough to share, where neighbors share a lawnmower, share a chainsaw, share tools, etc...

Friend With A allows you to rent, borrow and share anything with just your neighborhood. Say you are looking to borrow a chainsaw, but yet you don't really want to go and bother the neighbor down the street asking to borrow one. With Friend With A, it allows you to connect exclusively with members of your neighborhood for the exact purpose of borrowing and sharing. Just put in a request that you need a chainsaw. And anyone in your neighborhood will be notified about your need.

Then anyone in your neighborhood can either post a chainsaw for rent, loan or to share for free. You will be notified once someone in your neighborhood has uploaded a chainsaw and you can easily connect with them via to website to meet up and borrow the chainsaw.

But what if you want to rent or borrow something other than a chainsaw? That's the great thing about Friend With A, you can rent, borrow and share anything. All with the comfort that you're sharing with only your preferred community. All you have to do is sign up, enter your address, and Friend With A will automatically detect your neighborhood, and instantly connect you to all of your surrounding neighbors. Then you will have access to anything that is being rented, borrowed and shared within your neighborhood.

But what if I'm not in a neighborhood? No worries. Friend With A has you covered. If we cannot detect a neighborhood, by default, anything you share will be shared with neighbors .1 miles away. If you are comfortable sharing with members farther than .1 miles, then just set your preferred comfort level for how far you want to share.

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