You can purchase instant damage protection directly from FriendWithA. This will cover you for any accidental damages incurred while using someone's equipment. This let's you use the equipment worry free in case of any accidents. This does not cover any theft, abuse, misuse, neglect or any other intentional act.
Your gear is always protected by FriendWithA's insurance while renting out your equipment. If the gear is valued below $5,000, just fill out a few details like when you purchased it, how much, and FriendWithA will cover your item. This protects you for any damage, theft or misuse or abuse of your gear. It is free to list your gear and FriendWithA takes a % of each transaction to cover the insurance cost. Almost any type of equipment can be rented out. Just nothing illegal. See the FAQ "What type of items can be shared on FriendWithA". If the gear is valued above $5,000 and below $125,000 our partner Athos insurance will insure the item. You can purchase the insurance from their website which FriendWithA will provide while you're listing your item. Athos will insure electronics, film and camera equipment. If you're interested in renting out a different type of equipment, you can contact a member of the FriendWithA support team and provide them with your own insurance policy for your equipment.
Yes, as long as you opt in for insurance on your items. All insured items are covered by a physical damage reimbursement for any items that are either lost, stolen or damaged. We will either pay you the fair market value of the item, or replace the item for you. We work with you and try and figure out whats best for you.
All users must sign a liability waiver prior to any tool or sports rental. FriendWithA also provides personal liability protection of up to $100,000 free to charge to protect you in case of any claim brought against you.
There's no deductible limit on either of the coverage types we offer. As long as all applicable conditions are met your claim will be reimbursed in full.
FriendWithA is a peer to peer rental marketplace. Kind of like AirBnB, but for stuff. FriendWithA allows you to rent/lend pretty much anything with your community of preference.
FriendWithA wants to use technology to bring people closer together. We do that by building trust through various measures on the platform, so you feel comfortable borrowing and lending items with other people on the site.
Almost anything you can think of. Whether it's an electric skateboard, snowboard, bike, party supplies or tools. However, there are definite things you can not share. Drugs, alcohol, people, houses are all prohibited. Just keep it friendly and PG and you're all good.
Building a platform of small communities can be a long and lengthy process. If you want to see the benefits of FriendWithA, we need your help in getting the word out. Like, share or tell your friends about us, to help us build a stronger community.
This is the great thing about FriendWithA. If you insure your item, we work with you to find your preferred solution. If you want your item repaired, we will reach out to a repair shop and cover all the costs of the repair or find a suitable replacement. If you just want the money, we will reimburse you the Fair Market Value of your item. After that we will reach out to whoever was renting the item to determine if the item was damaged with normal wear and tear, or if it was with improper use.
To rent risk free, we encourage you to purchase the optional damage protection. This way in case any accidental damages do happen while renting the item, you can have peace of mind. However, if we do find that there was theft, abuse, misuse, neglect or any other intentional act, then you will be held responsible for all repair or replacement costs.
Just like other platforms, there is a rating system on FriendWithA to ensure accountability on both parties. A late charge will also be assessed so you are properly compensated.
FriendWithA connects neighbors and friends that have and are looking for items. If delivery is something you need, please reach out directly to the renter and you can discuss directly with them.
We encourage both the renter and lender to verify that the core functionality of the product is working before the start the rental. However, we do understand that's not always possible. In the item does not work, you will not be charged a rental fee.
Just check the availability of the renter itself. All renters must set their availability before listing an item. To ensure the renter has adequate time to respond to your request, any request of an item must be two hours ahead of the current time.
As long as the renter has set their availability
Yes. You can set daily or weekly pricing.
Submit your feature request to feedback@friendwitha.com.
We love getting feedback. Even if it’s not the best, we want to improve in order to help you and the next customer. Please submit your feedback to feedback@friendwitha.com.

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