Yes. All items are insured up to $2000.
In the future, all items will be insured, but at this point only items up to $2,000 will be covered.
If you loan an item for free, we will not be able to insure it.
No. Friend with a purpose is to let you borrow and loan items. There will be no message boards of people ranting/raving about anything going on in your network.
No. Friend with a purpose is not to offload items that you’re not using anymore. It’s a way to share expensive items that are needed once or twice a year that otherwise would just be sitting in storage.
A place for small communities, organizations, neighbors and friends, to loan / borrow items with each other. If you are renting an item, you decide the amount to charge (whether it’s free, or any amount you set)
Back in the day you used to walk over to your neighbors’ house and ask for a cup of sugar. Long gone are days of apple pies and borrowing a cup of sugar. But maybe, FriendWithA can use technology to build trust between neighbors again and co-op your life.
Literally any kind of one off purchases you can think of. Maybe 7 neighbors want to share a lawnmower, rather than each owning their own. Whether it’s a chainsaw, pressure washer, kayak, tent, hiking backpack, snowboard, corn hole set, chairs and glasses for parties, costumes for special events, etc…
Building a platform of small communities can be a long and lengthy process. If you want to see the benefits of Friend with a, we need your help.
  1. Upload an item no matter how big or small – This way when your connection joins friend with a, they will see items that they are able to borrow and share.
  2. Contact an influencer in your community and tell them about Friend with a. An influencer may be a neighborhood president, a church office manager, the office community coordinator, etc…
  3. Contact Friend with a and tell us that you want this in your community. We can send out promotional materials to your community or even schedule a demo with an influencer in your community.
This is the great thing about Friend with a. We reimburse you 100% of the Fair Market Value of your item, and then get in touch with your neighbor regarding the damages to determine responsibility.
We will reach out to you directly to figure out what happened. If we do find that there was theft, abuse, misuse, neglect or any other intentional act, then you will held responsible for all repair or replacement costs.
Just like other platforms, there is a rating system on Friend with a to ensure accountability on both parties.
No. We want to build trust between neighbors and your community. Rating your neighbor 1 star would not be within the spirit of building trust.
Here’s how it works: If someone does a great job, then just mark the box that the item and pickup worked as expected. If something wasn’t great, we give you the option to leave private feedback, or if it’s something that you feel needs to be said, you can leave public feedback. Additionally, if this is something Friend with a needs to help with, there is an option to reach out and state your concern directly to us.
Friend with a connects neighbors and friends that have and are looking for items. If delivery is something you need, please reach out directly to the renter and you can discuss directly with them.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the item is working before you leave the premise of the renter.
Just check the availability of the renter itself. All renters must set their availability before listing an item. To ensure the renter has adequate time to respond to your request, any request of an item must be two hours ahead of the current time.
As long as the renter has set their availability
This is a feature Friend with a intends to build in the future. We thank you for your patience.
Submit your feature request to feedback@friendwitha.com.
We love getting feedback. Even if it’s not the best, we want to improve in order to help you and the next customer. Please submit your feedback to feedback@friendwitha.com.

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