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November 2020

Great experience in Scottsdale, AZ. Had a small issue with the reservation but Stefan fixed it on the spot so I was able to pick up the boad on time and have a great experience! The owner was very accommodating. Will definitely do again when I am not able to travel with my own board! Thanks!

August 2020

The AirBnB of gear! Drones, camera gear, OneWheels, Boosted Boards, generators, ladders, and so much more! Stellar customer service. Happy customer right here.

January 2021

Great way to rent gear that is hard to afford, or that you simply would like to try at your own convenience. Really liked the fact that the website offers insurance against damage and theft, that just additional peace of mind when using someone else gear.

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Fitchburg Electric Skateboard Rentals

The average price for a Electric Skateboard in Fitchburg is $85.00/day or $300.00/week.

The most active FriendWithA Esk8 is BarrettJ they have 1 Esk8 available for rent today!

Last month 10 people used FriendWithA to find a Electric Skateboard in Fitchburg.

Best deal on a Electric Skateboard is: Gotway/Begode MSX (MSuperX) Electric Unicycle at $300.00 a day when booking for a week.

Best deal on a Electric Skateboard is: Gotway/Begode MSX (MSuperX) Electric Unicycle at $300.00 a day when booking for a week.

Gotway/Begode MSX (MSuperX) Electric Unicycle
$85 / day $300 / week 5.7 Miles away from Fitchburg

Cruise around town on an Electric Unicycle The MSX is now the fourth iteration of Gotway’s 18″ Electric Unicycle and was the first 84V high performance wheel with a maximum cruising potential upwards of 30MPH, a 1600Wh battery pack to provide in excess of 60 miles range, and an integrated trolly handle. ....

Fully verified
$85 / day 5.7 Miles away from Fitchburg

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FriendWithA is connecting creatives and adventure enthusiasts to share the gear you love on a trusted and secure platform. Find some of the coolest and latest Electric Skateboards whether you're looking to try before you buy, rent while traveling, or find the right gear for your latest project. Or you can earn up to $1,000 a month renting out your unused gear. We help you find your friend with an Electric Skateboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions about renting an Electric Skateboard

To rent from FriendWithA, you need to be at least 18 years old.

You can purchase damage protection insurance when you rent an Electric Skateboard. This covers you in case of any accidental damage. If you choose to not purchase the coverage from FriendWithA, then you will be responsible for any damage charges.

Above you can see all Electric Skateboard rentals available. Each listing shows the approximate location within .2 miles. Once you reserve the listing the lender will give you the exact address where you will both pickup and return the Electric Skateboard rental.

FriendWithA requires all Electric Skateboard owners to verify that they have kept their item in good condition and performed proper maintenance prior to any rental. FriendWithA also has a 5 star rating system on all rentals so you know you're dealing with good quality items. And if for any reason you have any issue with the Electric Skateboard rental, you will be issued a 100% full refund.

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