Canon 18-80 Compact Servo lens
Canon 18-80 Compact Servo lens
Canon 18-80 Compact Servo lens

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Canon 18-80 Compact Servo lens for rent.
Zoom that Covers the Commonly-Used Focal Length of 18mm-80mm

A zoom can be useful in narrative or documentary video production for capturing wide to medium fields of view.

Parfocal Operation – Precise Focus Through the Entire Zoom Range

The 18-80mm T4.4 EF lens is parfocal in both manual and autofocus modes. The lens employs a special compensating lens group that moves to maintain precise focus while a separate lens group performs the zooming action. Maintaining focus while changing focal length allows the lens to be used in video production where zooming while recording is required.

Consistent Brightness Throughout the Entire Zoom Range

The 18-80mm T4.4 EF lens maintains a wide aperture of T4.4 (F4.0) throughout their zoom range. This allows zooming while at maximum aperture without any dimming of the image.


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