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Riding the OneWheel is unique, fun, and challenging.  Once you learn how to mount, and dismount the OneWheel you will not want to get off of it.  It is such a cool feeling to just cruise or "float" around.  You will have a blast.  Please remember that although the OneWheel can reach 19mph, I would not suggest you doing so.  If you over-accelerate or push the motor too hard  a noticeable feature called "Push Back" will cause the nose of the board to lift up in order to slow you down.  If you push thru that "push back" warning, you are going to nosedive and eat dirt or pavement--not cool.  However, this OneWheel has mini-fangs installed which are small wheels attached near the led lights on the front of the board that can help give you more time to either run out of the nosedive or regain control, but there is no guarantee ;) .  Please ride my board safely, take care of yourself and my board please.  Please wear your gear; Helmet, Wrist Guards\gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads.    Your body will thank you later in the event you fall while learning the feel of the board.   This OneWheel has a contour fender, rail protectors\sidekicks, silicon charging port, power port, and rail bolt covers to keep the OneWheel protected from the elements.  Please do not ride my OneWheel thru water.


  • Goes 12 - 18 miles per charge
  • Hypercore Brushless Motor
  • No Remote (Lean to Go)
  • Intelligent LED Lights
  • Crush Hills
  • Fast Charge
  • Stop on a Dime
  • 19 MPH Top Speed
  • App Connected

"Like riding fresh powder on pavement"


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Rented out by Keith W.

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