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This here is my original OneWheel V1! Currently at 4075Mi at time of this post. Check me out on the leaderboards 'Robert206'. This is the original OneWheel V1 and has its quirks. Firstly this thing is an absolute tank. Do not worry about getting it wet in rain, avoid major puddles. 

Take this thing onto the most roughest trails and make it muddy please!!! I'll most likely clean it up before any rentals. Only modifications is the grip tape and hoosier tire. Not gonna lie the tire has seen better days and might need air once a week. The rails are scuffed and do you think I care? I don't....  Please make more scratches on this machine. It's capable of VnR setup so the range for me goes from ~6mi to ~35+mi using my 48v 20ah battery which is like 5years old. Everything is negotiable just be aware, you break you buy. I've never had a single problem whatsoever!!!

Not gonna lie I recently broke the original charger and will be fixing that ASAP. Been charging this unit with VnR for the past month NO PROBLEM! (Future motion really built this particular unit very well.)

Hardware: 2206

Firmware: 3056

OW000799 😎😎


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Rented out by Robert B.

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This item is available for purchase. At the end of rental you'll have an opportunity to purchase it for $900.00 or negotiate a different price with Robert B.

Instant optional damage protection during your onewheel rental can be purchased at time of checkout. This covers you for any accidental damage while using OneWheel V1 rental. No damage deposit required.

All Onewheels on FriendWithA are maintained for quality and safety. This includes a maintenance check prior to any rental by Robert B.

*clean up after yourself (avoid using high-pressure water) *Put on some new scratches and scuffs *Do not leave it at 1% battery

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