Electric Bike Rental. Goes up to 30 miles per charge. Pedal or turn the handle to start getting power. Either: $25/hr or $100 for 24 hours.

Provided by Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest

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Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest

4810 17th Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98107

About Us

Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest, Inc. Located in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood Our Company, established 1996

Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest handles 'bicycles' only:

  • Human power augmented, a.k.a. electric, bicycles
  • Folding bicycles, pedal only and human power augmented
  • Cargo bikes, pedal only and human power augmented

We strive to provide an unhurried, informative and enjoyable sales environment devoid of: in-your-face marketing, cheesy promotions, profusely friendly sales staff, sales pitches, yo yo-ing pricing, confounding specials, free trinkets and vacuous surveys. Our customers never receive an unsolicited mailing. No customer information leaves the shop.

The Cyclist's Electric Bike Shops Since 1996

We sell and service Human Power Augmented a.k.a. Electric bikes and ride them enthusiastically ourselves.

Electric Bike Rental Safety

All bikes on FriendWithA are maintained for quality and safety. This includes a maintenance check prior to any rental by Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest



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Satisfaction Guaranteed. If for some reason you don't have a blast using Electric Bike Rental, FriendWithA will provide you a 100% money back guarantee.

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Bookings can be cancelled any time prior to pickup without any penalties. Note: cancelling later than an hour before the start of rental is discouraged and will be reflected in your profile.

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