You'll have a blast with Betsy, my Onewheel XR. She blasts uphill and downhill up to 19 mph and gets 18 mi. per charge. Whether you're brand new to the Onewheel experience or a veteran, this is the perfect opportunity to float (what riding a Onewheel is called) to your heart's content. I'll also provide you with a simple Large Helmet in case you don't have one.


  • Goes 12 - 18 miles per charge
  • Hypercore Brushless Motor
  • No Remote (Lean to Go)
  • Intelligent LED Lights
  • Crush Hills
  • Fast Charge
  • Stop on a Dime
  • 19 MPH Top Speed
  • App Connected

"Like riding fresh powder on pavement"

Damage Insurance

Instant optional damage insurance can be purchased at time of checkout. This covers you for any accidental damage while using Onewheel XR. No damage deposit required.



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Return instructions

Plan meeting time at 6011 Rangewood Dr. Walgreens. We'll communicate leading up to that to make sure it works for me and you.

Onewheel XR


Colorado Springs

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