Provider Benefits

Interested in earning a side income renting out stuff around your house? Find more information below about the insurance, features, and security built into FriendWithA to protect your stuff and help you earn some extra money.

Safety and integrity are paramount

We hold the integrity of our marketplace to the highest standards and deploy multiple measures to guarantee your security, privacy and the safety of your belongings throughout all transactions.

Fully vetted community

We verify IDs of all FriendWithA members and perform background checks on them to ensure you'll only ever deal with trustworthy people.

FriendWithA Guarantee

Insurance offered for all rentals under $3,000 in Fair Market Value. Your personal liability for any damage or injuries caused by using your items is insured for up to $100,000. In addition, we require borrowers to sign a waiver when renting items in risky categories to protect you from liability.

Trust and accountability

A reputation system based on reviews and ratings encourages both parties to a rental to behave responsibly, respect the terms and take good care of the items rented.


Messaging to other users through text messaging sent through an anonymized number to make pickup and dropoff of items seamless without compromising your privacy.


Listing assistance

If you are having any difficulty whatsoever with creating listings for your things, just drop us a line! We are here to assist you with everything from taking photos of your items to writing descriptions to picking a suitable price to charge.


Calculate earnings and fees

The fees are dynamic and depend on rental price as well as whether you opt to insure your item.


FriendWithA puts you in control

As a provider on FriendWithA you control every aspect of your items rentals: who can see and book your items, when and where they can pick it up and how much you make from a rental.

Rent to your preferred community

Share exclusively with only your church, only your friends, only your workplace or as large as your city or state. You are able to set your community based on your comfort level of sharing. Coming soon: eventually you will be able to set pricing based on which community you are sharing with.

Control pickup and return time

As a provider, you define your availability schedule and the borrower chooses pickup and dropoff times from the times when you are available. Even then the final word remains with you: it's still up to you to either confirm the booking or offer alternative pickup/dropoff times.

Set the price that works for you

Providers are at liberty to price their items as they see fit. Sharing for free is supported and encouraged. We do charge a service fee on all paid rentals. Use the form below to calculate how much you will earn by renting out your specific item for a specific period of time.

Extra controls for wholesale providers

Business or individuals with large rental collections can set a minimum and maximum number of items they wish to rent, with the price per day or a discount price per week.

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