About FriendWithA

FriendWithA is a fully insured, peer to peer rental marketplace, for Onewheels, electric skateboards, and extreme sports, based out of Seattle, WA. Some people say we are like AirBnB, but for extreme sports.

People everywhere are looking to try out new adventures, from the Onewheel, electric skateboards, to snowboarding and photography, but either can't afford it, or they want to try it before they buy it. At FriendWithA, we want to connect people with a safe, and trustworthy environment, in order to list and rent items with each other.

Read below for the story on how FriendWithA was born.

Summer was fast approaching in Seattle. In Seattle, summer means sun for the first time in several months and that means everyone heads to the water to soak up some rays. Late one evening the founder Stefan Cordova was talking with a few of his friends. One friend said, “Man! Summer if coming up fast, I wish I had a friend with a boat!”. Stefan thought for a second back to previous conversations he had with a few other friends. Two other times he recalled hearing someone say, “I wish I had a friend with a boat”, “I wish I had a friend with a boat”. It was that eureka moment when Stefan thought, yes! This is what the world has been waiting for, a boat sharing company! Thus the idea of “Boaties” came to life!

Well during the time when Boaties came to life, Stefan and his wife were house sitting for the summer for a friends’ parents. It was the first time taking care of an entire house on their own (Ex. Mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, etc…). Well the neighborhood they moved into had a very cool little co-op within the cul-de-sac. Everything was shared amongst the neighbors. It was a common sight to see someone driving the riding lawn mower down the street from one house to the next. This was Stefan’s first glimpse into how a well-functioning sharing economy should work.

Well seeing this well-functioning sharing economy started to get the gears turning that maybe there was more than just Boaties. After doing a little digging and a few more conversations, he realized, wait, I’ve heard that saying before. On Facebook, “Does anyone have a friend with a truck?”, “Does anyone have a friend with a Onewheel”, over at his mom’s house, “I wish I had a friend with a lawnmower” and then finally, “Why isn’t there a peer to peer rental platform out there? A place to rent anything? A place to borrow anything? The AirBnB for everything?”. It was at that moment that “Boaties” pivoted to bigger and grander ambitions, now come in the picture, “FriendWithA…”.

Why use FriendWithA?

Earn money

By renting out your Onewheel, snowboard and other gear, you are able to recoup some of the cost that you spent on it. Continue riding, earn money and rent out your stuff to someone who really wants to borrow it, it's a win, win for everyone!


We help you get more rentals by increasing your online exposure to new audiences previously unaware of your products. We are here to refer customers to you, so that you can answer any complex rental questions and guide people through the process of finding just the right item(s)! Contact our sales department to answer any of your specific questions at sales@friendwitha.com

Reduce consumption

2018 was one of the hottest years on record! It's time for everyone to start doing their part to combat climate change and reduce consumption. Sharing items is not only good for the environment, it creates strong bonds and connections between you and anyone else who both use the same item(s).

Create experiences

Many people can't afford to purchase everything new. With FriendWithA, now you can just borrow something for a few days, and go on unforgettable experiences that you never would have been able to experience before.

Try before you buy

Should I buy it or not? How often will I use this? Is this just going to sit in my garage after I use it for a week? Well don't believe the hype. Try something yourself and decide whether it's time to purchase.

Build community

Sharing creates a bond between two people that you otherwise wouldn't of had. Many times one of the biggest hurdles in joining something new is the lack of community. This is the great thing about social networks when you can learn, solve problems, and have fun together. With FriendWithA, you are meeting real owners and businesses who typically are very involved in the sport which you are trying out. This can be a great way to ask any questions directly with someone in the community in an easy, relaxed environment.

Want to join our team? Send in your email to jobs@friendwitha.com