FriendWithA is a community of responsible borrowers and loaners and we are constantly working to keep it that way. However, few things are worse for relationships than a dispute about damaged property. That's why we offer physical damage reimbursement coverage for all items loaned via FriendWithA. If a covered item has been lost, stolen or damaged during a rental we will replace it with an acceptable item or reimburse you with its fair market value.

How to apply?

Whenever you list an item we'll ask you whether you would like it to be covered by insurance as well as some additional questions that help us determine insurance rate and value.

Which items are eligible?

All items valued under $2,000 except items loaned for free are eligible for insurance.

What does it cost?

Our insurance rates depend on item value and from 4% for items under $50 to 1% for items above $500. To see how much exactly we would charge to insure a specific item, use fee calculator. (Or just start listing an item and you we'll show you the fees in the process.)

What do I need to do?

Before loaning an item:

If your item is returned damaged:

More questions?

Check out FAQ or ask us directly.