Ever said "I wish I had a friend with a "?

Rent and lend anything

Rent/Lend/borrow (don't purchase) with your preferred community


Rent/Lend with your neighborhood, apartment complex, condo, church, office, school, city or state.


Hidden from searches unless you choose to rent outside of your neighborhood or office or church group (ex. city)


Safety renting/lending amongst your trusted communities - Choose who see's what your rent/lend


(Coming soon) - Pricing based on community

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Help others in your community find the items they are looking for. List your things on FriendWithA and start earning extra income today.

Lending Guarantee

$2,000 insurance coverage for any items that you rent out, that are either lost, stolen or damaged. We will replace your item or give you the fair market value if anything happens to your stuff. Learn more...

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Safety and integrity are paramount

We hold the integrity of our marketplace to the highest standards and deploy multiple measures to guarantee your security, privacy and the safety of your belongings throughout all transactions.

Trust and accountability

A reputation system based on reviews and ratings encourages both parties to a rental to behave responsibly, respect the terms and take good care of the items rented.

User Verification

We screen every user who joins the website and call them to ensure only trustworthy people are seeing your items.

Secure payments

All payments are done electronically through the website - no handling or carrying of cash required.

FriendWithA Guarantee

Insurance offered for all rentals under $2,000 in Fair Market Value to ensure the FriendWithA community is a safe place to lend and share. We also offer support at all hours of the day in case anything happens with your item.

Let us know what you are looking for

Not seeing the item you need listed on FriendWithA yet? Not to worry, we might still be able to help! Let us know which item(s) you'd like to rent/borrow and we'll do a search for you.

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