Trust and Safety

We hold the integrity of our marketplace to the highest standards and deploy multiple measures to guarantee your security, privacy and the safety of your belongings throughout all transactions.

Integrity and accountability

User verification

We verify ID of every user who books an insured rental via FriendWithA unless they are willing to put in a security deposit amounting to 50% of the item value.

Ratings and reviews

A reputation system based on reviews and ratings encourages both parties to a rental to behave responsibly, respect the terms and take good care of the items rented.

FriendWithA Guarantee

Coverage offered for all rentals under $125,000 in Fair Market Value to ensure the FriendWithA community is a safe place to lend and share. We also offer support at all hours of the day in case anything happens with your item.

Privacy and safety

Protected communications

Messaging to other users inside FriendWithA or via text messaging sent through an anonymized number to make pickup and dropoff of items seamless without compromising your privacy.

Address privacy

We don't share your home address with other users. Neither with general public nor with the other party in a rental transaction. It's up to you to arrange pickup and return however you prefer.

Privacy controls

You are in control of who can see your items and profile information.

Secure transactions

All payments are done electronically through the website - no handling or carrying of cash required.