7 best Onewheel mods

Though Onewheels are built for crushing all kinds of terrain, adding on the mods that suit your style of riding is the best way to get the most out of your board. Whether it’s being able to push the boundaries of sliding, grinding, or carving, check out these 7 Onewheel mods to help get you get to the next level.

7 best Onewheel mods
Jan. 9, 2019

The 7 best Onewheel mods to take your riding to the next level


Once you’ve got your hands on a Onewheel, the mod opportunities are endless for those who want to have their board looking, feeling, and riding like it’s made just for you.


Take your riding to the next level with these 7 mods for Onewheel


Though Onewheels are built for crushing all kinds of terrain, adding on the mods that suit your style of riding is the best way to get the most out of your board. Whether it’s being able to push the boundaries of sliding, grinding, or carving, check out these 7 Onewheel mods help get you get to the next level.



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1. Tear up all terrains with a tire switch

Changing up the standard Vega tire that comes with any OW model could be one of the best mod decisions you make. It’s down to your preference when choosing a tire, some swear by the Hoosier for maneuverability and ease when carving it up (slick). They also have great traction in icy conditions (treaded). Others are passionate about Burris. Burris also have awesome traction(treaded) and a sleek smoothness when riding (slick). You could always try a Onewheel rental with a different tire or tread to get a feel for it before you dive in and change.


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2. Get to grips with extra coarse grip tape

The Onewheel comes with stock grip tape that serves its purpose. But for those that ride more aggressively and push for top speeds, this mod is going to give you the locked-in non slip security you want and the control you need. Both the Float life and Craftandride do grip tape for the + and +XR with improved friction that won’t shred your hands and shoes. They’re exactly the same size as your stock Onewheel grip tape. Just peel and stick.



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3. Protect and deflect with Float Plates

Skid plates, grind plates, or float plates all do the same thing whatever you call them, but Float Plates are the most in-demand mod of this kind right now. They look slick, they’re hard as nails, and they offer piece of mind that a wipe out or tail slide isn’t going to smash up your board. They’re made of high density plastic with a high impact rating. They can take heavy impacts and come back for way more. They fit easily on the underside of the OW so riders can do whatever tricks or bails they want while protecting their battery or controller module. Float Plates aren’t just a mod for extreme or pro Onewheelers, casual riders can upgrade with them too - better safe than sorry! With a wide range of colors, they look dope too. Float Plates are currently available for + and +XR. Here’s extreme sports/boardsports pro Bodhi Harrison's personal float plates. Some riders are even printing their own 3D ‘skid plates’, maybe a route some mods will go in the near future.


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4. Get more boot from your board with Side Kicks

While talking about armor mods for the OW, Side kicks need a mention. These rail plates are a thinner gauge plastic version of Float Plates, but slot on the side of your OW and hold in place with adhesive. Not only does applying this mod mean no more beat up and scuffed rails but they can add to the aesthetic of the overall board’s representation. They’re available in a bunch of eye catching colors, so mod up and stand out.



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5. Put your best foot first with concave foot pads

The surestance foot pads that come with the OW have a small tail kick and are sweet for everyday riding. But for those that like to ride more aggressively and really want to nail their turning, concave foot pads are the mods to upgrade to. These pads mean getting the ultimate control of the board, avoiding foot fatigue and gaining more grip. The pads have a special left to right, heel to toe concave design that make for crisper control and the sharp carving dreams are made of. Some of the best pads around are the the Onetail classic pads. They’re the same size as your OW’s original pads, but the concave design locks the rider’s foot securely in the sweet spot, meaning the rider has a stabler riding position and a more subtle way to turn. No more shifting the body’s weight, it’s all about using the toes/foot instead. The guys at Craft and Ride also make the OneTail+, a longer foot pad for taller riders. When you buy the Onetail classic, it comes with some neat extras like logo stickers and a high grit laser cut grip tape for your front foot pad too.



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6. Fight off the elements with a Fender

Fenders are a big mod discussion point in the Onewheel community. Some don’t like the sound they make. Some love them for wet weather. Some think they’re too brittle. Some won’t buy them but make their own instead. They’re still a popular mod for many riders out there, built to protect your tire/electronics/battery/controller from wet and cold conditions, hard impacts and grit/salt/pebbles getting in your board and shoes. It’s a nice mod for those who question if the Onewheel is safe during snow or rain. Riders tend to choose between the Onewheel stock fender and the cheaper alternative, the Float Fender. The latter actually comes rolled in a tube like a poster. It’s flexible and lightweight and requires no tools to fit. If you’re interested, but don’t want to buy before you try, you can always try out a Onewheel rental first and get a feel for it.



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7. Soar with Flight Fins

They might look like a Batman gadget reject but Flight Fins are one of the hottest mods around for riders who live for crushing tricks and getting air on their Onewheels. Flight Fins attach to the OW fender and allow for your feet to slot in underneath, so they’re locked in. That means when you want to get some air and take the 25lbs board with you, it lifts no problem. This mod really opens up the opportunities for extreme riders, pros and amateurs alike. Rides are more fluid, tricks more impressive, and riders can be stoked at the new versatility of the board. Just note that riders need to check with whether their treaded tire is compatible with the Flight Fins (with fender) as sometimes the screws that attach the fins to the fender can scrape a little on the tire if it hasn’t been worn down enough. Slick tires seem to be okay.



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As you can see there’s a ton of mods you can do to your Onewheel to make your perfect ride. From fenders, float plates, and sidekicks for protection, tires for traction, footpads for better turning, flight fins for tricks, and grip tape for stability, the opportunities are endless for building a board that busts you out of the norm. Just be sure before performing any mods to check with Onewheel about whether your warranty will be voided if you modify your board.


With mechanics and OW enthusiasts building one-of-a-kind mods for their own boards too (even attaching speakers), the community is brimming with hacks and advice on what mods to choose and what mods to lose. The possibilities are limitless- it’s an exciting time to be a Onewheel rider!


Do you agree with our best Onewheel mods list? What other mods do you think should be on it?  


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