Snowboarding all year round with LEIFTECH

It’s a motorized freeboard, electric skateboard and eSnowboard all-in-one designed for those who want a different way to commute and have just as much fun you’d have on the slopes.

Snowboarding all year round with LEIFTECH
Jan. 23, 2019


Snowboarding all year round with LEIFTECH?

LEIF Technologies Inc. is revolutionizing the motorized freeboard world with its LEIFTech eSnowboard making riders feel like they’re shredding the slopes all year round.


Snowboarding all year round with LEIFTECH


It’s a motorized freeboard, electric skateboard and eSnowboard all-in-one designed for those who want a different way to commute and have just as much fun you’d have on the slopes. If you miss shredding the gnar when it’s off season, this $1649-$1729 board offers safe breaking, top speeds of 23 mph, sick torque and a 360 degree ride based on its six-wheel formation. Complete with Bluetooth remote, detachable batteries and footholds to allow for tricks and grip, this hybrid board is revolutionizing cruising and commuting all year round.


see the LEIFTECH in motion.



Who makes the LEIFTECH board?


LEIFTECH eSnowboards are designed and developed by LEIF Technologies Inc., a company based in Brooklyn, New York. They formed in 2013. The boards are ‘built, tested and shipped from our headquarters in Los Angeles’ according to LEIF Tech Inc.


What versions are out?

The LEIFTECH board is modular so those that own the original version can buy the parts they need and upgrade as they require. Others that are interested in the board can buy the LEIF V2 and buy the parts as they need them replaced or upgraded too.




Let’s check out the features of the LEIFTECH eSnowboard.


These wheels were made for sliding


Looking at the underside of the board, you can see it has the standard four edge wheels as well as two center caster wheels with an omnidirectional drive system allowing riders to carve, rotate and slide just like they’re riding fresh pow. The layout of these wheels is what drives the snowboard feel and motion, with the rider’s weight mainly being distributed over the inner drive wheels and the turning coming from tilting onto the outer wheels in a totally free flowing 360 degree motion.




This wheel formation means riders can shred the pavement in a standard vertical riding position...




...and riders can slide and glide as the board leans, rotates and carves in a rotating motion from vertical to horizontal and even diagonal - any direction riding is possible!



Here you can see a video of the LEIFTECH in motion.


The Bluetooth connection

The board, like others in the genre is controlled by a handheld wireless remote allowing Bluetooth connection.  The remote is primarily for accelerating, sliding, carving and stopping and has sensitive and reactive controls to vary speed and acceleration. To connect the remote, press the center button, and once it flashes green once, then blue the LED on the board will also flash blue and it’s Bluetooth connected. Once that’s done, hold the remote, pull the trigger then press forward to accelerate and back to engage the breaks.




Here’s a complete LEIFTECH review of the v1 board from Youtuber Paulo from TOKYO with  4.46 mins - 5.07 showing how to use the wireless remote.

Detachable batteries for never ending juice

For those who want a board where they can carve up their urban landscape without stopping to charge, the detachable batteries offer a fast switch option so you can ride along with a spare, swap in thirty seconds and carry on shredding. That means your ride doesn’t need to end when the juice does, unlike hoverboards.


There are two batteries available for purchase with the original LT1X battery no longer being sold.


Riders can choose between the LT2X battery for a 10-miles range.


Or the LT3X battery for a 15-mile range.


Both batteries are okay to fly with, just let your airline known first. They can be taken on as carry-on luggage.


Here’s an awesome battery comparison chart to check out the specs of these neat creations.



Safety first

The inbuilt footholds whilst optional, are a sweet option to have. They offer a snug and secure ride, a larger range of tricks (particularly tricks with air) and act as a safety feature if you fall. If you’re about to wipe out, the footholds can release the rider’s feet so they can slide out easily. It’s a neat a feature that just might stop you getting hurt, especially as you crush it on the top speeds ( it’s totally necessary to wear a helmet though).


Hello motor

The brushless motor on the LEIFTECH has a capacity of 2,000W, able to power the board to 23 mph max. This max speed can be reached within a few minutes of riding plus carrying on for a 15 mile range. Sweet!




Lock and load

Once the board is loaded up with its parts it weighs around 20-21lbs. It’s not the lightest board out there but being built to carry up to 350lbs of rider it’s a pretty secure and solid ride and designed for top speeds and unbeatable sliding. When the rider tilts back when the board is horizontal to stop, the weight of the board allows for the movement to be fast, efficient and safe.




So, if you’re considering getting a LEIFTECH V2, its 360 degree slide and glide experience, freeboard motor wheel system and footholds for both safety and tricks are definitely selling points for this gnarly eSnowboard. Throw in a water resistant deck, a warranty on key components like batteries, motors, deck and trucks plus any manufacturing defects and you have one of the sickest, freestyling rides around! Commute or play, LEIFTECH is uniting first time boardriders with pros shredding up the roads all year round. Even Hannah Jeter, US superpipe Olympic medalist loves the LEIFTECH and is stoked to ride it around lake Tahoe, claiming it’s the closest thing to shredding she’s ever experienced. So if you’re missing fresh pow and the feel of your snowboard, check out LEIFTECH and be prepared to be stoked!


Do you have a LEIFTECH? Where you do you love shredding it?

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