The Latest High Quality in Snow Goggles

If you’re hitting the slopes, the first piece of snow gear you need is a pair of proven snow goggles. For that, check out MessyWeekend's latest pair of Goggles.

The Latest High Quality in Snow Goggles
Feb. 11, 2020

MessyWeekend’s High-Quality Snow Goggles at an Affordable Price

If you’re hitting the slopes, the first piece of snow gear you need is a pair of proven snow goggles. 

But have you ever considered the paramount features of snow goggles?

Eye protection that will not budge, comfortable fit, and clear vision with reduced glare! Obvious, isn’t it?

When you’re riding on the snow, you’re looking for the snow goggles to protect you against wind and snow from striking your face. And you want it to safeguard you against harsh glare coming into your eyes. Also, you want the snow goggles to go over the helmet nice and snug and give you warmth from the wind, covering your face completely.

This is where MessyWeekend’s superb snow goggles make a difference.

MessyWeekend is a new brand, revolutionizing the industry with their killer snow goggles. These premium goggles put an end to the no.1 problem that has troubled skiers and snowboarders—eye protection. And they also present you with better comfort and improved performance.

The high-quality snow goggles from the MessyWeekend (MW) brand deliver in an assortment of conditions—both favorable and unfavorable. Whether it’s an overcast day, bright sunlight reflecting off dazzling snow, foggy weather conditions, whiteout, or even the feared late afternoon “flat light” that interferes with seeing contours in the snow clearly, the MW snow goggles offer you incredible eye protection, comfort, and clarity of vision.

Features that Make the MessyWeekend Snow Goggles Stand Out

  1. Two superlative high contrast and photochromic lenses.
  2. Safeguards against ultraviolet-A (UV-A) and ultraviolet-B 400 (UV-B 400).
  3. Dual-layered, lightweight lens with anti-fog coating.
  4. Premium snow goggles at an affordable price.
  5. Interchangeable lenses and strap system.
  6. 18 percent larger area of vision for optimal vision and extra protection from the elements.
  7. Advanced triple-layered foam technology for comfort and ventilation.
  8. Global fit even over safety helmets and prescription glasses.
  9. Each sale contributes to cleaning 2 kg of plastic from the Pacific Ocean.

Best Price Snow Goggles from MessyWeekend

1. Float Black

The Float is MessyWeekend’s first goggle. If black is your favorite color, you’ll love this model with its black frame and black straps. A white logo is a nice contrast.  The company has given this goggle the improved XE2 high-contrast lens technology recently. You have two lens options: green (Revo-mirror coated) or silver (mirrored). For overcast snow, additional yellow lenses are included.

2. Inuit Black and Inuit White

MessyWeekend’s new model INUIT is a tribute to the indigenous people of Greenland. This model is also available in two lens options like the Float. The first option is a high-contrast XE2 lens, and the second is a photochromic XEp technology lens. The lens adapts almost instantaneously to different light and weather conditions. You get to choose from three shades: silver (mirrored), green (Revo-mirror coated), or photochromic.

Like the Float, the Inuit Black also comes in a black frame with black straps and a white logo. The Inuit White, however, comes in a white frame with white straps and a white logo. For overcast conditions, additional yellow lenses are included with the XE2 lens. For the XEp, it’s not needed as it adapts to the overcast weather.

3. Inuit Black XEP – Beanie – Night Rider

You are guaranteed to enjoy your favorite snow adventures if you’re armed with the INUIT goggles. This bundle consists of MessyWeekend’s INUIT model in black and their photochromic XEp lens, which adapts within 20 seconds to different weather conditions. You get a hard case too. On top of this, you get a 100 percent Merino wool MW beanie as well as a limited-edition black Night Rider strap.

What Makes MessyWeekend’s Best Price Snow Goggles Revolutionary?

Snow goggles are indispensable gear when you’re snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, or skateboarding. They safeguard your eyes from UV rays, wind, and snow, especially on treacherous snowy landscapes.

The reason why MessyWeekend’s XEp Lens Tech is revolutionary is because it adapts automatically to any weather condition. This advanced lens reacts to a combination of sunlight and ultraviolet rays. And as the light changes, photochromic molecules constantly recalibrate. As a result, in less than 20 seconds, the lenses darken when it’s sunny and brighten when the sun disappears.


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