Renting a photo booth on FriendWithA

Whether a wedding, birthday or Halloween party, photo booths are the must have entertainment for any event in your social calendar. Be the host with the most by renting a photo booth from FriendWithA for your next event - it may be the best decision you make all year!

Renting a photo booth on FriendWithA
April 14, 2020

Renting a photo booth on FriendWithA



Whether a wedding, birthday or Halloween party, photo booths are the must have entertainment for any event in your social calendar. Be the host with the most by renting a photo booth from FriendWithA for your next event - it may be the best decision you make all year! 


Renting a photo booth on FriendWithA


Whether a wedding, birthday or Halloween party, photo booths are the must have entertainment for any event in your social calendar. Be the host with the most by renting a photo booth from FriendWithA for your next event - it may be the best decision you make all year! 


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Bored of traditional guest books at weddings? Need some entertainment at your kid’s birthday party that can occupy both hard to please teens and fleeting third graders? Make sure your event is talked about for years to come whilst providing hours of entertainment for your guests with a photo booth rental from FriendWithA! Join our friendly, trustworthy and verified peer to peer lending online community and browse our photo booth deals and packages today.


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What exactly is a photo booth?

We’re sure you’ve experienced at least one photo booth during your lifetime. Maybe you’ve still got a strip of printed photos on your wall from when you took those passport photos from years ago. Perhaps you posed with your friends in an open-air photo booth at a birthday party just a couple weeks ago. Whatever your experience, photo booths are a super fun activity at any modern social event, so much so even the Vanity Fair Oscar Party has one!


Photo booths have seen something of a revolution in recent years from tired box in the corner of the shopping mall to a stylish, modern booth (or boothless) experience resulting in high resolution photos you can print, email or even turn into GIFs. Rentable photo booths generally come with a built -in camera, backdrop, props, and a touch screen digital camera display for the users to operate. 


Sometimes they come with an operator who takes the photos from behind the booth - it depends on the kind of experience and booth you want. The backdrops can be themed or even come in the form of a green screen (like the movies) so users can choose their own background from a range of pre loaded options! This kind of personalisation of the user experience will really appeal to your guests who can add their own touch to the finished product. And, to top it all off, photo booths take a really short time to set up - so that means your rental time is filled with the most important stuff, posing and pics!


Why should I rent a photo booth with FriendWithA?

There’s something extra special in this day and age about physical copies of photos that aren’t just digital pics to scroll through on our smartphones. A physical take away like this from an event means your guests will keep a lasting memory of the occasion; something they can look back at that makes them smile. That’s a pretty cool gift!

See anyone you recognise in this photo booth grid below?


Aside from the actual product and entertainment value of renting a photobooth, finding the type of booth you want at the price you want in a location near you may be tricky. Whilst you search the internet looking for deals maybe you see some prices that are way too high for your budget. It could be that the photo booth you want is located a ton of miles away. What would be really helpful is a simple list of companies offering the best photo booth rentals in your local area with prices and availability clearly displayed. Well, this is where FriendWitha comes in! FriendWithA is a safe peer to peer lending site with a trusted and verified lending and borrowing community. It’s got all the info you need right at your fingertips, so just head to FriendWithA to check out our photo Booth renting options!


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Another plus when renting a photo booth on FriendwithA is that there’s no calling the photo booth company only to find out the one you want is booked on the date you need. On friendWithA you can see the lenders’ rental calendar and align it with your own availability - now that’s useful! So what are you waiting for, get the good times rolling in a matter of clicks!


Learn more about how you can connect with creatives, outdoor and adventure enthusiasts on FriendWithA - you might even find some other gear you want to rent or make money yourself renting out your gear on FriendWithA.


How can I rent a photo booth on FriendWithA?


Very easily! FriendWithA has been designed to make the whole rental process easy, fast and efficient for everyone and anyone. It’s safe too with only verified lindividuals and companies permitted to rent out their stuff. We have a ton of provider benefits and insurance policies in place to make sure your experience is a secure and positive one too!


1.Head to and select Browse rentals


2.Just type in photo booths in the top search bar, and don’t forget to enter your location.



3.The screen will now show you the available photo booth rental opportunities near you. Click on whichever one you want to find out more details.



4.Once you’ve found the photo booth rental you want, have a look at the availability on the calendar. 



Then enter the dates and times you want the booth from on the right.



5.The lender should confirm the booking in no time... and there is your photo booth rental done! We told you it was fast and easy!


Find out more now on how the FriendWithA peer to peer marketplace works. 



What if I need help? 


Stuck and don’t know what to do? FriendWithA is here to support you along your journey at all hours. If anything ever comes up during your photo booth rental, give us a call at +1 800-846-8870 or email us at 


Sounds good. But which photo booth should I choose?


That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Let’s talk about some of your renting options available on FriendWithA. There’s an impressive range of photo booths to suit your budget, location and theme so check out a few of the booths below to spark your interest!

The Traditional Photo Booth

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What does this traditional photo booth offer? It can be set up anywhere. Stairs, elevators, and single doors are no problem. Double copies of strips are printed in seven seconds. Users can instantly request more copies so that everyone in the photo will get a strip. This booth also records live video messages and has a custom logo design facility users can put on their photo strips. The Giant 19" touch screen shows you what you look like while taking a photo. It’s the retro photo booth experience with all the mod cons.

SimpleBooth Halo Photobooth

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A simple, sleek and intuitive photo-booth without the booth. Users can customize the look and feel of photos by using their own graphics. Guests are able to easily share their photos online directly from the built-in iPad. It’s hassle free to set up as well as breakdown and a perfect way to add an interactive memory maker to your next party. Add some style and flair to your next event with a Halo photo booth!


The Boujee Photo Booth


Credit@Orion Photo Booths


This sleek, lux booth offers 3 hours of unlimited photo booth fun! Users have access to an online digital album and are allowed unlimited digital copies, enough to satisfy all everyone. An on-duty attendant is available for help and advice if you have any problems. This bundle also comes with a backdrop and props alongside custom templates, filters, animations, GIFs, drawings, And much more! Users can share their favorite photos via print, mobile, email, social media capabilities. What more could you need?


 Classic Photo Booth

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This classic photo booth allows for 3 hours of unlimited photo booth fun, access to an online digital album with unlimited digital copies. An on-duty attendant can deal with your queries. This one prop bundle also comes with a basic backdrop. The open-air booth construction means you can try and fit in as many people as possible in the frame! Comes with animations, custom templates, filters and GIF features. Sharable features too.

Mirror Me Photo Booth Rental

Looking for a sleek photo booth that will seamlessly blend in with your carefully curated event decor? Check out the Mirror Me Photo Booth! This interactive touch screen photo booth comes in the form of a full length mirror with a user friendly interface. As your guests walk up to the mirror, colorful animations and voice guidance invites them to engage in a magical, interactive, "selfie" experience. An animated countdown ensures your guests know exactly when to look at the camera. 


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With the Mirror Me Photo Booth, you receive a personalized template for all the unlimited photo prints. You can have instant access to your pictures via our Text Message sharing options. Your guests will receive a special message from the Guest of Honor along with the photo! This photo booth experience comes in Bronze, Silver and Gold packages so check out FriendWithA to see the deal that suits you!


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Check out this video to see the Mirror Me Photo Booth in action!




Don’t just think about renting a photo booth though, to truly frame your guests’ photo booth experience think about renting a prop bundle too. From silly glasses to wigs, speech bubbles and seasonal props, have a look on FriendWithA which props work for your event.

Credit@Orion Photo Booths via FriendWithA


Credit@Orion Photo Booths via FriendWithA


All in all


Whatever the event you are hosting, renting a photo booth on FriendWithA could be a great way to entertain your guests and create everlasting memories of the occasion. Booths are a surefire way of mingling your guests together in an unconventional yet entirely successful way as they unite to pose in front of the camera flash. The booths are family friendly, suitable for all ages and themes and are even easy and fast to set up and take down. A photo booth rental for your special occasion could really give that extra factor to your event it maybe be missing without it, so snap up a deal that’s right for you now!


Have you rented a photo booth from FriendWithA? What did you think was coolest about it?


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