Make Money Renting Anything

Are you looking to earn a side income?

Make Money Renting Anything
Oct. 5, 2018

Are you looking to earn a side income? Do you have things sitting around the house that you're not using? Are you looking to just sit back and earn money from the comfort of your own home?

If you answered yes to the 3 questions above, then we have a way for you to make money from your house, renting anything you have sitting around your house.

Friend With A allows you to rent anything. Maybe you want to rent a tool-set, or you want to rent out your bicycle, or maybe it's as simple as renting your vacuum. Friend With A is the place to rent anything, borrow anything and share anything.

Friend With A is a peer to peer rental platform and rental marketplace, where businesses and users can post anything they have for rent, or want to share and get back. Now you can rent out that lawnmower to a neighbor down the street that you've never talked to. Maybe you have a drone that a wedding photographer would love to use for their next wedding.

But how do you know the person you're renting out your item too won't break your stuff? That's the great part about Friend With A's insurance. On every item you rent, there is an option to insure the item for an extra fee. And all with a ratings and review system to ensure accountability on both parties, so that your item is safe and secure.

Getting paid is simple. Just enter a few details from your bank, and select when you want to get paid out. Friend With A uses Stripe's third party payment software. So your financial data is safe and secure.

So next time you're looking to earn a little extra money, just snap a photo, set your price, sit back and relax, and wait for the money to start rolling in.

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