Simple Housewarming Party Ideas

If you’ve just settled into your new home and feel ready to show it off, you might be thinking about throwing a housewarming party.

Simple Housewarming Party Ideas
Oct. 27, 2018

Simple Housewarming Party Ideas

If you’ve just settled into your new home and feel ready to show it off, you might be thinking about throwing a housewarming party. This is one of the greatest ways to meet your new neighbors and let your friends see the new home. There are quite a few ways to celebrate this important step in your life, but you should consider a few things before you start planning.

Luckily for you, we have a few simple housewarming party ideas that will knock your neighbors right off their feet and might surprise your old friends as well.

Some Basic Tips

Prepare Your Home

A great way to make a housewarming party that stands out is to make all your rooms accessible to guests. People often forget this, but a housewarming is originally supposed to include a sort of tour of the new house. So invite your guests to look around, and leave something for them in every room. Of course, make sure to tidy up the mess from every room you utilize, as guests will be able to roam free.

Make a Guest List

The number of guests and the amount of time you have to invest in making the guest list will, unfortunately, depend on your budget. Make a list of people you thought of inviting, and the list of resources you’ll need in accordance with that. Then, evaluate if you’ll maybe be biting more than you can chew by inviting every single person on the list. Separate your closest friends and family, and try to include your first few neighbors, as well as all the neighbors you’ve spent some time with so far into a separate category. Then, if it’s still far too many guests, start thinking about whose energy you’d like to have at your party. If there are some people in your close group of friends and family who you think won’t be able to have a good time at a housewarming party, try to leave them out and invite them some other time instead.

Be Authentic

Before we jump straight to housewarming party ideas, we need to make one thing clear: Whichever idea you choose to use, make it your own. Just like that home you’ve put some much effort in - your housewarming party should showcase your personality. This isn’t only to show your neighbors who you truly are from the very start but to show your friends that you’ve settled into yourself. Choosing a theme for your housewarming party is much like choosing the house. There are some basics that you must consider, but how it ultimately turns out is completely unpredictable, and up to you. Showcase your authentic self in every detail of the party, and let everyone know this is your home.

Simple Housewarming Party Ideas

Block Party

A Block Party is by far the least simple option on the list, but it’s the easiest thing to do if your neighbors are open-minded enough. And if you’ve picked the neighborhood, you probably paid attention to the tenants.

Casually suggesting a block party as your housewarming theme to a neighbor can set a lot of great event into motion. Opening up the entire block to join in and celebrate you coming into their lives is actually not the best part of this housewarming party idea. By far the greatest benefit of organizing a block party is getting to do it with your new neighbors. And while it might sound unnerving to suggest something so bold to people you barely know, it’s a great way to get to know them in the first place. It doesn’t hurt to suggest it. Who knows, maybe your neighbors are totally up for it!


A Potluck is one of the oldest, most traditional housewarming party ideas out there. But having your neighbors bring their dishes and show off their cuisine is a little bit old-fashioned and, you must admit, doesn’t leave the host much work to do. Which is why this is one of the simplest ways to win over your guests.

One of the most important things a potluck organizer should do is to check for dishes that will be available at the party. I would suggest contacting your closest friends and relatives to inquire about what they’re bringing. Since it’s nice to bring your specialty to your new neighbor, try not to limit them. Let them bring whatever they had in mind, as this surely means a lot. But you as the organizer should make sure that all the courses will be represented, so check with friends and family to see what they’ll be bringing, and ask if they’re willing to change their plan should some courses be over-represented.

Another important thing to make sure of as a host is to have your kitchen clean and ready to use, as many of your guests will probably need it to heat their dish or add something last-minute. Have all your utensils and plates ready and make sure to stock the bar. And don’t forget to inquire about allergies and dietary preferences as you don’t want your vegetarian guests ending up with nothing but broccoli soup.

Garden Party

If you’re proud of your new garden and the warmer months are in rotation, then you should scratch all the homecoming party ideas and do this one. When it comes to throwing a great party for your old friends and new neighbors, a garden is a perfect place for the merger.

Outdoors is always has a relaxing ambience, especially if the garden is well-kempt and the decorations are fitting. One of the greatest things about it is that there are endless ways to make the gathering interactive when you’re outside. You can organize a barbecue, play football, chat while doing some gardening, or make a dance-off! Since there’s more space outside, children can also join your party and run freely, without you worrying about those expensive vases you have inside the house.

 If you’re throwing your party in the evening, don’t forget the candles and possible mosquito-repellants. In the summer months, insects can really ruin a party so make sure you’ve got that covered!

Now you know some simple housewarming party ideas and some basic tips that can help you get through with them like a pro. Remember to prep your home so that your guests can roam free and enjoy it with you. Be authentic and carefully choose the people you can be yourself with the most. That way, your individuality will shine brigh for your new neighbors to see. Depending on whether you have a garden, what month it is, how much money you have and how much nerve to be bold with your new neighbors, decide on one of these few simple and basic ideas and build on them. That way, you can keep some traditional aspects of a housewarming party, while making it authentic and personal.

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