Best Neighborhoods in Seattle

Whether you’re looking to buy a home, rent an apartment or to just visit as a tourist, the only way to get the full Seattle experience is by knowing where to go.

Best Neighborhoods in Seattle
Nov. 5, 2018

Best Neighborhoods in Seattle

There are plenty of reasons you might want to pay Seattle a visit. It’s a rich and colorful place with a unique history and breath-taking nature sights. Whether you’re looking to buy a home, rent an apartment or just visit as a tourist, the only way to get the full Seattle experience is by knowing where to go. If you’re in a pickle about it, read on to find out what some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle are depending on what you need.

Best Seattle Neighborhoods to Visit

If you’re just visiting and want to have the best possible time in a Seattle neighborhood, there are plenty of places to look. Whether you want to see nature or an urban area with museums and coffee shops, you can be sure Seattle has you covered.


Population: 70,190

Average Home Value:  $806,800

Fremont is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle if you’re looking for great art and urban sort of fun. It’s known as the Center of the Universe to many locals and those who’ve had the chance to get familiar with its vibe, and it carries that name gracefully. If you’re interested in art installations, quirky people and atmosphere, versatile ethnic cuisine options and shopping flee market style – welcome. You’ll fit right in. If you want to grab some food while you’re there, pay a visit to Paseo Caribbean for a rich choice of ethnic fast-food dishes. One of the most popular spots for tourists visiting Fremont is the Coyote Hills Regional Park. Head down there for some fresh air and sightseeing with your loved ones, or spend a quiet day in nature by yourself.


Population: 23,915

Average Home Value: $677,200

Previously known as one of the steepest areas around, Belltown has come a long way over the years. Today, it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for those that want an exciting night out, an expensive shopping-spree or a meal at an exclusive restaurant. If you want all that but are also interest in art, give the Olympic Sculpture Park a try. With their constantly changing and diverse content, you might find something interesting. And even if you don’t, the design of the sight is breathtaking enough for you not to regret it. For a bite to eat, visit Tilikum Place Cafe, a quaint little place with great food and exuberant staff.

Capitol Hill

Population: 43,328

Average Home Value: $709,300

For visitors interested in nature, Capitol Hill is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle to try and explore. Just head down to Lake Washington and enjoy a magnificent stroll through the Washington Park Arboretum. And try not to eat before your visit, because this district is booming with ethnic cuisine options and cozy coffee shops. If you want to grab something healthy to eat, head down to Spinasse, one of the most popular locations for visitors, with lots of portions for vegans and vegetarians.


Population: 4,296

Average Home Value: $1,080,700.

Even though Madrona is, in its core, a residential neighborhood with seemingly not much to do, many nature lovers have taken a liking to it. That’s because of Madrona Park, one of the most beautiful nature sights located just near the Lake Washington Boulevard. If you’re looking to get away and have a picnic with your family or your partner, Madrona is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle to do just that. If you get hungry, you might want to give Altura a try. It’s a serious restaurant with delicious food and breath-taking décor, that seems to be a local favorite.

Best Seattle Neighborhoods to Live in

If you’re looking to buy a piece of property and call it home there are quite a few Seattle neighborhoods to settle in. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a family neighborhood with schools nearby or something affordable where nightlife abounds, Seattle has it all.

East Queen Anne

Population: 19,994

Average Home Value: $982,500

This area was ranked as one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for Millenials to live in. That’s because the prices are affordable, job opportunities abound, and it’s a great spot for families with plenty of schools nearby. So if that’s what you’re looking for, pay this neighborhood a visit and see if there’s a cozy condo with your name on it. Queen Anne is also rich in restaurants and gastronomy culture, and one of the most popular spots to grab a bite to eat is a unique Italian place called How To Cook A Wolf. Make sure to pay them a visit, and stick around for a while longer. They often hold interesting events and can be a great nightlife option for those looking to stick around after dinner.



Population: 22,564

Average Home Value: 791,700

This is a lesser-known Seattle neighborhood optimal for those craving a quiet life. If you’re interested in fishing and silent moments of contemplation, this is the best neighborhood in Seattle to come and relax. It’s a nice, cozy, and a little bit architecturally confused area, with condos and ancient villas living side-by-side, inexplicably complementing each-other. For a bite to eat, make sure to visit Cafe Munir, listed as one of the top 11 Magnificent Middle Eastern Restaurants in Seattle. For a nice time outside, visit Ballard Locks, one of the prettiest and most popular nature spots Seattle has to offer.

Beacon Hill

Population: 35,035

Average Home Value: $587,900

This culturally diverse neighborhood is situated in the North End of Seattle and is the best option for families. It’s a great place for those craving a nice blend of rural and urban lifestyle and environment. With the Olympic and Cascade Mountains nearby, Beacon Hill is the best neighborhood in Seattle for the naturalistic adventurer. The entire area is sprinkled with beautiful vistas with families just like yours, so head down there and be welcome by a diverse and inclusive community. For a healthy meal, visit Travelers Thali House, one of the most decadent Indian restaurants with incredible healthy options. And if you happen to be near Harrison Street, take a look inside the magnificent Chihuly Garden and Glass for a satisfying dose of art.


Population: 11,591

Average Home Value: $820,600

Situated in North Seattle, Roosevelt was listed as one of the hottest neighborhoods in 2016. Not much has changed since then, and this little area continues to be the favorite choice for families, university students and those on a tight budget. Since the University district is nearby, it’s a perfect place to rent for lower prices that are accommodating to students. It’s also a perfect place for both, elders and young people, as it’s filled with a diverse array of old homes and new apartments, diverse events and local businesses tailored to a wide variety of people. Portage Bay Café is one of the most popular places for brunch and lunch options, with affordable meals, friendly staff, and great, communal atmosphere. And make sure to pay a visit to  OBAMA Room (Official Bad Art Museum of Art), for more good food and weird, exciting new art pieces.


South Lake Union/Downtown

Population: 19,994

Average Home Value: $666,400

This little lake-side neighborhood has seen quite a rapid increase in housing interest since 2003, and the numbers keep rising. That’s because of the economic well-being of the area which has improved significantly since Amazon chose it for its headquarters. This makes Southlake Union the best neighborhood in Seattle for tech buffs and those looking for work in that field. Apart from the glowing state of its economy and housing (with new buildings and blocks keep rising every day), SLU is also a good place for culture nerds. Just head downtown to Terry Ave N and visit the Museum of History and Industry. There’s always new content and exciting events and exhibits, ranging from the latest trends in art, history and humanities to technology and other industries. However, if you’re packing a family, this might not be the best option for you. It’s the safe-haven for young, single people focusing on career. If this is you, head downtown and see if one of those new apartment buildings have what you’re looking for. For a bite to eat, your best option would be Local 360, the top eating location for both, the locals and the visitors.


Now you know what some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle are, depending on whether you’re buying, renting or visiting. If you’re interested in art and culture pay Fremont a visit. You won’t be disappointed. Come to Belltown for an exciting night out or visit Capitol Hill and Madrona to relax solo in nature or have a quiet picnic with your loved ones. If you’re looking to settle someplace quiet and relaxing, come to Ballard and see if there’s an optimal home for you. If, on the other hand, you’re chasing excitement, job opportunities and a rich cultural life, South Lake Union might be the best option for you. Beacon Hill is a savehaven for those interested in the rocky side of nature, ethnically diverse environment and a quiet, family lifestyle. If you’re a Uni student looking to rent cheap and close, Roosevelt is the ideal neighborhood that can give you just that. If you’re still unsure about where you belong, you might find our 8 tips on how to choose the right neighborhood a useful read.

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