10 Tips to Capture Epic Waterfall Shots On Your Camera

Nature instills a sense of contentment and keeps the mental health issues at bay. Traveling to the lush green mountains and silky waterfall allows you to capture nature at its best. Landscape photography is one of the most enthralling fields of photography. It requires top-notch precision, adequate lighting, and well-thought exposure.

10 Tips to Capture Epic Waterfall Shots On Your Camera
Aug. 6, 2020

Nature instills a sense of contentment and keeps the mental health issues at bay. Traveling to the lush green mountains and silky waterfall allows you to capture nature at its best. Landscape photography is one of the most enthralling fields of photography. It requires top-notch precision, adequate lighting, and well-thought exposure. If you’re a photography enthusiast who likes to capture the top waterfalls, you must consider a few things beforehand. Instead of settling with fixed exposures, ISOs, and angles, try experimenting a little. The camera settings might change as you move from a longer waterfall to a compact one. You are likely to capture the best shot after many experiments and trials.


Keep reading to know the things that you must keep in mind while capturing epic waterfalls all over the world.


  1.  Ideal Camera



Photography is all about creative backdrops and ecstatic skills achieved through years of expertise. For capturing the perfect pictures, the prerequisite is a camera with advanced features and specifications. The ideal cameras for landscape photography are the DSLRs with high-end features. In case you don’t have one, you can always fetch some rental cameras to get the job done. Apart from the DSLRs, mirrorless cameras with a changeable lens feature also prove to be quite useful. Some features that you must look out for in your camera are adjustable exposures, ecstatic lenses, filters, and shutter speed specifications.


  1.  Lens Type


Just when you fetch the right camera for capturing the Angel Falls, it’s time to find out the perfect lens type. Due to diverse photography, there are different types of lenses available. But, not every lens is suitable for shooting the breathtaking Venezuelan falls. You might want to consider the telephoto lens for the waterfalls that are quite far from your current location. With a narrow field of vision, the lens is ideal to click the falls far away. Don’t forget to get a closer look at the antiquities of the Angel Falls. Get the durable roof rack accessories for effortless luggage transportation on your way towards the waterfalls. When you finally reach the location, switch the lens, and use the wide-angle ones like zoom. It facilitates ideal snapshots for compact and smaller objects and waterfalls.


  1.  Reliable Accessories



While exploring the bewildering Niagara falls on your winter vacation to Canada, you might feel like capturing the waters. On your landscape photography spree, the last thing you want is to trip amidst the woods and rocky terrains. Camera accessories play a crucial role in preventing severe injuries. Make sure to get a sturdy and durable tripod stand for your camera. Not only will this help in stabilizing the camera, but also keep the accidents at bay. Other than this, you might want to invest in the cable release for capturing the waterfalls. It prevents the unnecessary movements of your camera while adjusting the settings.


  1.  Polarizers & Filters Matter


Every photographer likes to capture the scenic beauty of snow-capped mountains and cloudy waterfalls. One of the major hindrances during landscape photography is too much lighting. Neutral density filters are effective in controlling light exposure and adjusting the brightness. It allows you to capture the cloudy waterfalls. Top-notch filters coupled up with polarizers might help in controlling the reflections of water surfaces. Hence, you end up with soft, long exposure, and reflectionless waterfall pictures.


  1.  Choose The Right Exposure



Adjusting the exposure might be the biggest hurdle in landscape photography. It is due to the variability of shutter speeds and ISOs in different locations. Make sure to experiment with different shutter speeds to achieve the right exposure. Astonishing waterfalls like Iguazu Falls might need lower ISOs and high aperture to get the perfect shutter speed. That way, you are likely to end up with a well-detailed and silky shot of the fall. In case this exposure setting doesn’t work, try experimenting with a lower aperture.


  1.  Creative Composition


Natural aesthetics can be quite calming and waterfalls are no different. On your next vacation to Iceland, don’t forget to fill your camera with ecstatic pictures of the Gullfoss. Being one of the top ten waterfalls in the world, it holds immense potential for some eye-catchy captures. What’s even better is that the Gullfoss falls allow you to focus on the foreground elements as well. You can adjust the composition and focus more on the nearby elements like mosses, rocks, and creeks. Waterfall photography completes with the right exposure and composition. Hence, take your time and find out the right angles with some creeks.


  1.  Take Care Of The Weather


Weather and surroundings play a crucial role in waterfall photography and might add to the quality. Cloudy and rainy days tend to be the best for capturing the falls, creeks, and marshy terrains. It is due to the spread lighting and up to the mark exposure of the waterfall. Other than this, you might consider the time of the day for your fall pictures as well. Experts suggest that the dusk and dawn bring the best out of waterfall sceneries. It adds to the charm of the flowing water and provides the right exposure for the cameras.


  1. Include Layers



Photographers often exploit the layers around the waterfalls while clicking the ideal picture. One of the best things about waterfall photography is the ample layers available nearby. You might use the lush-green cliffs as the layers and set the camera settings. Another amazing layer is the flower garden present around the waterfall. It helps in adding more detail to the soft waterfalls and makes the picture more creative. Even the mossy rocks turn out to be aesthetic when captured under the right camera exposure.


  1.  Shutter Speed


Most of the waterfall pictures appear professional with the silky and cloudy hue of the waters. You can capture the silky waterfalls by adjusting the shutter speed at a low level. That way, you create a subtle long exposure setting that helps in readjusting the details of the waterfall. The ideal shutter speed for DSLRs must be around 4 to 5 for silky smooth waterfall capture, you must be cautious of the camera movements and blurring effects. Due to the smoothness of long exposure, even slight movements reflect in the final picture. Hence, use camera accessories like cables for proper application of the shutter speed.


  1.  Adjust The ISO


Apart from the shutter speed, you can control the lighting by adjusting the ISO as well. It’s a measure of light sensitivity of the camera and determines the darkness of your picture. In case you want a soft and cloudy Victoria Falls image, turn the ISO at lower levels. That way, you can decrease light sensitivity and capture some sleep pictures without much hassle. Along with this, a cloudy day requires you to increase the ISO to 200 for adequate light sensitivity. Most cameras adjust the ISOs on their own. But, you can always readjust the settings for clicking the perfect waterfall shots.


Bottom Line


Landscape photography is a new trend in the photography world. One of its types, i.e., waterfall photography might be a daunting task at first. But, with the right camera and adequate settings, you can achieve the best snapshots ever. Make sure to use the right lens type and polarizers for a cloudy appeal of the waterfall. Other than this, even the exposure and composition of the picture speaks volumes about the skills of the photographer. Along with the waters, make use of the nearby elements to get an attractive picture in no time.




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