15 adventurous things to do around the Seattle area

Whether it’s adrenaline-filled water sports, stunning nature or breathtaking aerial tours, this hilly metropolis in Washington state really does have it all.

15 adventurous things to do around the Seattle area
Feb. 12, 2019

With its temperate climate, hilly topography and mile of green spaces, the city of Seattle is begging to be explored all year round. Whether it’s adrenaline filled water sports, stunning nature or awe-inspiring aerial tours, Seattle has so much to offer its visitors.


From a historic link to grunge, with greats like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, to hip hop legends, like Sir Mix-A-Lot and Macklemore, to being the birthplace of Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks; Seattle is city dripping with innovation, art and sports, perfect for the adventurous.


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1. Soar above Seattle in a seaplane


Seattle Seaplanes, a locally based floatplane company, offers scenic flights, fly and dine experiences, and even private charters for special events in the Seattle area and beyond. Seattle Seaplanes is situated on the southeast corner of Lake Union, easily accessible from downtown Seattle, and offers flights every day of the week.


If you’re interested in mind-blowing views and are looking for an aerial adventure, we highly recommend that you check out this unique Seattle experience!



2. Action and adventure at Mt. Rainier

This geographically diverse mountain and active volcano (yes, really) is truly an awesome sight to behold, with expansive glaciers, pounding waterfalls and spectacular natural beauty. It’s the tallest mountain in both Washington state, and the entire Cascade range, and sits within Mount Rainier National Park. Those who want to experience wonders of nature in action, such as the world’s biggest network of glacier caves or the striking volcanic craters, will not be disappointed when visiting this stunning mountain.


Visitors can choose between an organised day trip via a local Seattle tour company or do it their own way by hiking around some of the 260 miles of trails with their own hiking itinerary. If you’d like more info about planning a visit, we recommend checking out the official National Park Service site.





3. Aim high with a helicopter tour


It isn’t every day you can hop on a helicopter and witness the drama of a live volcano set within a patchwork of forests and glaciers. Soar like a bird and view Seattle from the sky with any one of the heli-tours the city offers. With Seattle Helitours you can experience the landscape of Seattle from a new point of view. Flying over downtown, the iconic Space Needle, Snoqualmie Falls, and of course Mt. Rainier, you can snap the coolest shots imaginable from the best seat in town. You can also combine a guided hike and a meal at Mount Rainier National Park with their package. Pretty neat.




4. Rent a Onewheel with FriendwithA


Going to a new city means trying new things, but that doesn’t have to be limited to just restaurants, museums, and stores. With FriendwithA you can easily arrange the rental of sports equipment so you can get adventurous in the great outdoors without having to purchase anything and haul it around. Try a Onewheel rental for instance, and glide around Seattle on a motorised board that can be charged via mains as you grab a Starbucks. Take in all the city has to offer as you surf on land, avoiding the daily cost of transport and the queues.


FriendswithA is a fast and easy way to rent anything you need for your stay in Seattle, with the fully verified lenders making the process as fuss-free and safe as possible. Check out an interview with a renter who tried out a Onewheel rental in Seattle for their experience.




5. Check out the breathtaking scenery around the pacific northwest


Love getting out in the fresh air? With so many picturesque hikes to choose from, you’ll be spoiled by the vast choices around Seattle. Catering to all levels, from easy and moderate difficulty hikes to the more challenging hikes, Seattle offers scenic treks all year round. Check out the Washington Trails Association to find the right trail for you, in and around the area. For those that want to stay firmly in Seattle, head to the Magnolia neighbourhood and try out the Discovery Park Loop Trail, a 2.8 ramble that Seattleites and visitors enjoy for its varied terrain and awesome wildlife.




6. Brave the elements by kayak

Kayaking is a popular activity in Seattle, with Lake Union offering the perfect setting for a safe paddle around. Of Seattle's numerous watercraft rental companies, we recommend The Northwest Outdoor Center for its high quality stand up paddle boards, kayak classes, and organized group trips. The center is located on Westlake Avenue, close to downtown. So whether you’re looking for a beginners kayaking class or have plans for a solo trip across Lake Union, the Seattle waterways are all yours. If you’re looking for more potential kayaking locations, check out this list of the best places to kayak around Seattle.



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7. Walk on a glass revolving floor at The Space Needle

Situated on 400 Broad Street and standing 605 feet tall, this iconic, earth-quake proof building, towers over the city. The Space Needle houses an indoor and outdoor observation level deck at 520 ft, a glass revolving floor known as The Loupe at 500 ft and even a virtual reality bungee experience sure to satisfy those daredevils who are looking for a thrill.


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8. Test your nerves climbing Little Si

If rock climbing is your thing, beat the crowds who flock to the larger Mount Si and opt for Little Si in the North Bend area. Located not far off Exit 32 with easy access from Seattle, this climb offers a variety of difficulties from 5.9 to 5.14. The rock is classified as serpentine, so make sure you bring grippy shoes as it’s pretty slick. Don’t let the Seattle rain put you off either, some of the routes are still dry in wet weather and climbers turn up regardless. Hike the Little Si Trail too if you want to mix up your adventure.


9. Tick off your aerial bucket list

Skydiving may not be the first thing you think of when Seattle springs to mind, but if it’s been on your bucket list, now is the time to tick it off! Companies like Skydive Snohomish offer skydiving sessions throughout the day just outside of Seattle. Sessions vary from dives for experienced divers to tandem dives for beginners, so check out their website for more information about making a booking.

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10. Skydive indoors with iSky

If outdoor skydiving is just that bit too extreme for you, how about the next best thing? At iFly Indoor Skydiving, Tukwila, visitors can combine the weightless feeling from a skydive with the illusion of speed falling in this adrenaline-filled activity. The “dive” takes place in a vertical wind tunnel, and is supervised by certified instructors. In the tunnel, you can rise, fall, and turn, all while supported by a fast moving column of air. In the final 20 seconds of a flyer’s last flight they can choose to do a high flight, where they travel faster and higher than before alongside the instructor for the ultimate buzz! It's necessary to book your slot ahead of time, so if you're interested make sure to contact them to arrange your time and date! Check out this video to see what indoor skydiving looks like.


11. Try a SUP rental

Those who want a full body workout whilst cruising around the Seattle waterways should try out the increasingly popular sport of standup paddle boarding. Whether for a 3-hour rental, or for a group tour, head on down to Ballad Kayak, only 15 minutes from downtown on the west dock of the Shilshole Bay Marina. The possibilities are endless, be it a solo expedition to Golden Gardens Park, or catching some rays on a group tour, live life to the extreme with an SUP rental!



12. Ride around Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park


Anyone who loves mountain biking in the Seattle area will know about Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park! Located forty five minutes by car from Seattle on the Issaquah Plateau sits 8 miles of trail, with difficulty levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. The park itself is nestled in a clearing of 2.5-acres, framed by thick forest. Satisfy your need for speed and adventure as you get technical with the freeride trails, fearless with the jumps and agile with the XC single-track. Check out more information on Duthie Hill here.




13. Ski at Stevens Pass Mountain Resort


With slopes open during the fall, winter, and spring, Steven’s pass is the ultimate skiing experience for anyone who wants a backcountry adventure. It’s a little outside Seattle (1.5 hours to be exact) but anyone who loves the invigorating sensation that only skiing can bring needs to check it out. Choose from backcounty skiing, snowmobiling, or simply skiing and snowboarding down lift accessible runs, lines and routes. It’s all up to you - there’s 240 square miles of terrain to explore! Single Day or Multi-Day passes are available.





14. Make a splash with whitewater rafting


Seattle and the surrounding areas really are full of endless adventures, with whitewater rafting available only 60 minutes away from the city in Gold Bar, WA. At Alpine Adventures visitors can experience the rush of a guided rafting trip along a choice of rivers year round, or go on a or go for a scenic rafting trip on the Sagit, Yakima or Skykomish Rivers. There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of steering your raft through water rapids in such incredible, untouched natural surroundings, so make the splash and get your trip booked up soon!



15. Paragliding at Poo Poo Point, Tiger Mountain


Check fear in at the door and head only 30 minutes outside Seattle for a mind-blowing paragliding experience at Poo Poo Point, in the Tiger Mountain State Forest. Seattle Paragliding is a paragliding school that offers lessons, one-off tandem flights and certificates for those that want to try out this adventure sport. So get ready to be launched off the side of a cliff with your instructor, and descend into the valley of Tiger Mountain...if you dare.





Have you done any of these activities around Seattle? Tell us what adventures you are up to?

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