5 Reasons You Need a Onewheel Fender

Though the trusty Onewheel can guarantee you one heck of a fun ride, getting a fender could mean keeping the good times going for longer.

5 Reasons You Need a Onewheel Fender
March 21, 2019


5 Reasons You Need a Onewheel Fender


Though the trusty Onewheel can guarantee you one heck of a fun ride, getting a fender could mean keeping the good times going for longer.


5 reasons why you need to get a Onewheel fender


Fenders are the dope looking hard covers that fit over Onewheel tires and are made of anything from polycarbonates to carbon fiber. They’re a fail safe way to protect your prized Onewheel against the elements as well as stopping your new kicks from getting murdered by mud. It’s a topic hotly debated in the Onewheel forums with Onewheel riders weighing up the pros and cons more than once. There’s a minefield of information out there so for those who want some guidance, check out the 5 Reasons You Need a Onewheel Fender.




1. Be a fender trickster


It’s an exciting time in the world of Onewheel riding as new stunts are forming all the time. There’s a Wiki Onewheel trick list that’s being added to regularly if you want to check just what the Onewheel is capable of, with riders coining new stunts and trying out old skateboarding classics. The benefit of having a fender for tricks is not only its armored protection of the wheel against impacts but the actual structure of the fender which allows for extra mods to be fitted on it.


Curb jumps are a struggle without a fender. Riders instead have to ride up to a curb, jump off, pick up the Onewheel then continue. Mods like FlightFins mean the flow can continue as you jump the curb easily and continue on your way. FlightFins attach to the fender and enable a new flow of riding as well as encouraging riders to get some air whenever they feel like it.




To fit the fender safely and mount it from underneath, riders swear by THE SYSTEM by Send.




It can be hand installed at home. It makes checking your tire, fender and FlightFin mounting screws a hell of a lot easier. It’s compatible with the carbon fiber fender but check with the manufacturer of your choice before you buy,




If you’re into mods, here are some of the other best mods for your Onewheel.


2. Armor your vehicle


Crushing all kinds of terrain on your Onewheel will see you head over surface water, dirt, grit, snow and other debris. It’s going to get pounded down into your tire, wedged in your grip tape and splashed on your rails. While all that can be cleaned and managed with some upkeep and maintenance for your board, a fender will act as a protector for your grip tape and foot pads from degrading quicker. It’ll also protect against moisture from wet conditions seeping into the electricals. Those are pretty compelling arguments right there.




3. Cruising without the bruising

It’s summer, you’re cruising in your shorts and there’s nothing better in the world right now. Well, nearly nothing better. A few bits of debris and sharp nicking pebbles are being projected upward onto your ankles. If you’re a barefoot rider you’ll also suffer the same. It’s an irritation that distracts from the gnarly experience of riding your board, so fitting a fender like the Craft&Ride Spectrum Magnetic Fender, the Onewheel fender kit, or the Floatlife Float Fender means you can keep on cruising without the bruising. Some people are trying a Onewheel rental in order to experience a fender in action before jumping in and buying.




4. Keep your kicks fresh

Whether you’ve got fresh kicks out of the box and you’re taking them for their first ride or you’re busting out your favorite socks with a gnarly print, you want to keep your stuff looking dope. With a fender there’s no more wet spray up the legs or on your Vans. Mud won’t decorate your ankles. Riders are free to cruise, carve and crush without looking like a Jackson Pollock painting - sweet!




5. Color match your fender

Everyone has their own style whether walking down the street or riding a board. If you like to Make a statement and have your Onewheel style out its own sick look then you may already have some InMemoryDecal colour rail wraps and Craft&Ride Grip Tape to stand out from the crowd. Adding a fender means another opportunity to personalise your board, with your own gnarly designs too. Here’s more discussion about how to do some vinyl designs yourself and the results look awesome.




Here’s a tip


Some fenders make a droning noise when you ride them. It puts off riders from the purchase as they love the nearly silent ride the Onewheel gives. The noise is from pebbles, grit etc pinging up onto the bottom of the fender. Just buy some undercoating spray like this 3M one or any of the ones in the table below and spray on the underside of the fender. Not only will the fender be extra protected, but the drumming sound will be dulled.




So there we have the 5 reasons you need to get a Onewheel fender. Fenders open up a world of possibility once they’re installed - further mods, tricks, protection for your board and your kicks as well as the potential to look totally sick! So if you’re looking for a mod brimming with versatility, functionality and style, look no further than a fender. Happy riding!


Did you agree with our five reasons to buy a fender? Did we convince you to get one?


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