The Boosted Stealth: Leader of the electric longboards

It’s the new generation, vehicle-grade Boosted board everyone is talking about, but is this electric-longboard really a masterclass in performance and design?

The Boosted Stealth: Leader of the electric longboards
April 15, 2019

The Boosted Stealth: Leader of the electric longboards

Boosted’s new electric longboard heavyweight Stealth promises solid and sleek design, awesome board flexibility, a gnarly high speed and an exclusive fifth riding mode to wreak havoc on the roads. Boosted have taken all the quality, power and agility of their flagship board the Boosted Plus, and reconstructed the deck, redesigned and upgraded many of the parts and slapped it with a gnar top speed of 24 MPH, making Stealth guaranteed to be Boosted’s sickest ride yet.


Who are Boosted?

Boosted is an American company that designs and manufactures electric skateboards. The company was originally founded back in 2012, in Palo Alto, California by college students Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen and Matthew Tran. The company is now based in Mountain View, California with Jeff Russakow as CEO. The whole thing kicked off with a very successful kickstarter campaign raising way more funds than they sought, which allowed them to roll out their V1’s fresh to their first customers.The rest is e-board history.


What Boosted boards have been released so far?

First launched were the generation one Boosted Boards in 2014, the Dual, the Single and the Dual+. In 2016 came gen two consisting of the Boosted Dual SR, Boosted Dual XR, Boosted Dual+ and the SR Boosted Dual+ XR. 2018 saw the launch of gen three, Boosted Stealth, Boosted Plus, Boosted Mini X and Boosted Mini S.


Here’s the promo vid for the launch of the Third gen range.


Below are the third generation boards currently available:


A Stealthy lowdown

Stealth is the new generation electric-longboard from Boosted Boards. It’s a vehicle-grade replacement for the daily grind of commuting for those that want to travel and arrive to work in style. It’s a robust, battery and motor powered e-longboard that only weights 17 lbs. Stealth takes an extended battery with a range of 14 miles, and it can be swapped in a few minutes if you know what you’re doing. Like other rides such as the popular Inboard M1 board,  Stealth comes ready ride, fresh out the box!


The board is Bluetooth™ enabled and linked to a handheld Ergonomic Bluetooth® Remote that has five riding modes to choose from. It’s connected to the Boosted Boards app - available on Apple and Android. To charge the battery, riders just plug the assembled charger into the wall and see it fully juiced in 1.45 mins or less. Boosted claims for every 15 mins you charge, you gain a one mile range. Stealth also has regenerative braking.


A bonus is that the board is totally rideable once the juice fades, just revert to old manual riding. Stealth is water resistant, but like other boards with the same claims, don’t push it! When your Stealth box arrives, it comes with a charger for the battery, manual, an Ergonomic Bluetooth® Remote, Boosted stickers, a belt service kit, charging cable, a lanyard and a multi-use tool.


Overview of the specs


The looks


Whilst looks can be deceiving, this isn’t the case with Stealth. What you see is what you get. It has a minimal grayscale color scheme that is clean, sleek and aesthetically pleasing - a departure from their usual natural color palette. It’s equally cool on the underside too, where the board has a really unique laminate material made from a microabrasion and fingerprint magnet that is reflective at certain angles. The shape of the board is wider on the sides than past gens, which gives it a more robust look and feel, and it doesn’t taper like previous boards. The measurements sit at 11.3 in (W), 38.0 in (L), 5.7 in (H), and boy does it feel sturdy.


All the sides of the deck are reinforced to ensure there is no wear, something that’s been addressed by Boosted since the Plus. So now riders can enjoy only minor scuffs from standing the board on the tail, not wear. The decks are now Boosted produced, and are no longer made of bamboo. Applying a new superFlex Construction™ technique used in the high-end manufacturing of snowboards, the deck is made of a popular, foam and fiberglass composite. But it still retains that durability and flexibility that Boosted riders love, and carving is just as tight.


Trucks, pulleys and wheels

The 85mm custom-designed Stratus wheels on Stealth are now also made on site (a change since the Plus). The large size makes for super fast acceleration, a smooth ride and great traction.




Stealth’s 190mm trucks are now made from a higher grade metal than previous generations (which were plastic) and they’re made on site. That means those high-stress areas are now even stronger and more reliable than ever before. Trust us, these little changes make a big difference. Expect your pulleys to last longer and not run into the usual problems like chipping or denting.




The power of dual motors

Stealth cruises in with sick torque and gnar acceleration thanks to the punchy 3:1 gear ratio and dual motors. For inclines up to a 25% grade, Stealth crushes them fearlessly, where competitors choke.


Up to 14 miles of range with the Extended battery pack

Stealth’s extended battery pack provides a range of up to 14 miles, depending on rider weight, riding mode and incline. Boosted test their batteries tirelessly to make sure the claim of vehicle-grade safety isn’t just a farce. Something to be aware of if you’re an aggressive rider riding in Hyper Mode (mode five) will see your range decrease to an estimated 6 miles, so take that into consideration on longer journeys.



Warranty and guarantee

Boosted offer a 6 month warranty on manufacturing defects. Here’s Boosted’s service and support page with FAQs. After the board arrives, customers have 30 days to return their board for a refund.


The performance




Need for speed

Don’t underestimate a top speed of 24 MPH. It’s fast. Stealth really is putting e-longboarding on the map for those who want to push their riding to the max, and it’s getting people talking.



The power in your hands

The Ergonomic Bluetooth® Remote is how riders control which power mode they want to be in:



Check out the info box above and you’ll see that it’s the exclusive Hyper Mode that takes the rider to the heady heights of 24 MPH. For this riding mode, Boosted have changed the patented Jerk Filter so that the Ergonomic Bluetooth® Remote is even more responsive to the rider’s control. Accelerating and reaching top speeds have never been so fast. It’s worth knowing there have been good accounts of the connectivity of the remote, with the signal rarely dropping. 


Premium price tag

Okay, so $1700 is a ton of money to land on a board, we don’t contest that. But when you’re replacing your subway rides, bike tyres and gas for a fun free ride instead, you can begin to see how it’s an option. You’re paying for some top quality, high grade, premium electric board transportation here so whilst the price tag is eye watering, it’s also to be expected. When the Onewheel came out, many debated the premium price tag and asked is the Onewheel really worth $1800? It turns out - yes!


If you’re interested in a Stealth or other e-boards but you aren’t sure you want to dip into your savings to buy one, why don’t you check out our rentals on FriendwithA, we’ve already got Onewheels listed and ready to go.


All in all...

This premium, high-performance electric longboard really does offer everything current technology can to the rider. It’s for those that want range, speed and sick aesthetics, who aren’t afraid of crushing hills at speed. Sure, it’s on the pricey side, but the tech upgrades, attention to detail and the pure quality with which the board is made, make this a must-buy for e-longboard enthusiasts, and those with a need for speed. Let’s face it, Stealth isn’t a starter board for beginners, the Mini range will serve that better. It’s a board to own, ride and rejoice.


Do you have a Boosted board? Have you bought a Stealth? Hit us up with your experience of owning a Boosted board.


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