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Jan. 16, 2019

Onewheel Rental with Jason

What changed after you rented the Onewheel on FriendWithA? Nothing, it confirmed what I already thought. That riding it would be a blast!! It also made me realize that they don't have as much learning curve as I expected.

Jan. 16, 2019

Maintinence upkeep for a Onewheel

There’s no doubt the Onewheel is made of strong stuff. But to get the best out of your board, a bit of upkeep and maintenance can go a long way.

Jan. 9, 2019

7 best Onewheel mods

Though Onewheels are built for crushing all kinds of terrain, adding on the mods that suit your style of riding is the best way to get the most out of your board. Whether it’s being able to push the boundaries of sliding, grinding, or carving, check out these 7 Onewheel mods help get you get to the next level.

Dec. 19, 2018

Is the Onewheel worth $1,800?

Everyone has different value systems when it comes to what they’re happy to spend their money on. A college student’s $1,800 isn’t the same as $1,800 to a 39 year-old homeowner’s. That being said, some things can earn their cost pretty easily like a games console that sees a lot of hours or a mountain bike that rides a lot of miles. So where does the Onewheel fit into that spectrum...and is it really worth the price?

Dec. 16, 2018

Dress for the slide not the ride - how to dress on a Onewheel

The Onewheel is unparalleled for allowing complete freedom as riders explore all kinds of inclines, declines, and terrains. But when it comes to what to wear on the board, it’s best to think with just a little more restraint.